Court Reporters

We maintain a full staff of highly skilled, professional and friendly court reporters.

Conference Rooms

We offer conference rooms in various locations throughout the Metropolitan area.


We offer the latest state-of-art videography equipment. Whether it’s a Day in the Life assignment or a full day deposition, we will provide the most professional videographers available

Interpreters & Translators

We provide interpreters and translators for all languages. All of the interpreters are fully trained and court-certified. Operating in such a diverse city as New York, we take pride in being able to accommodate our clients with a diverse staff of interpreters.

Transcription Services

Our transcribers have years of experience transcribing a wide range of subject matter. We specifically excel at transcribing medical, technical and scientific material.

Full Indexing & Condensing

We offer condensing and full indexing of transcripts. This service enables attorneys to have access to the full transcript in a compact form. Indexing allows attorneys greater efficiency in reviewing a transcript, identifying the location and occurrence of specific keywords, which in turn saves a tremendous amount of time.